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Focus Photography was hired as a second shooter for Sehrish and Rehan's wedding weekend through Naveed Ahmad Photography and Focus Photography. Their Mehndi took place at Mirage Ballroom and the Nikah/Wedding was at Paradise Palace Ballroom in Fremont, California. www.FocusPhoto.Co
Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-1Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-2Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-3Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-4Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-5Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-6Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-8Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-9Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-10Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-11Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-12Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-7Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-13Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-14Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-15Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-16Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-17Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-18Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-19Sehrish & Rehan Mehndi-20

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