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Jone needed his headshots so he could step up his LinkedIn game and I'm glad he reached out. It was a lot of fun working with Jone and that's because Jone is a lot of fun. He was such a natural and knew exactly what to do.
Jone Saukitoga B & W FPC-1Jone Saukitoga B & W FPC-2Jone Saukitoga B & W FPC-3Jone Saukitoga B & W FPC-4Jone Saukitoga B & W FPC-5Jone Saukitoga B & W FPC-6Jone Saukitoga B & W FPC-7Jone Saukitoga B & W FPC-8Jone Saukitoga B & W FPC-9Jone Saukitoga B & W FPC-10Jone Saukitoga FPC-1Jone Saukitoga FPC-2Jone Saukitoga FPC-3Jone Saukitoga FPC-4Jone Saukitoga FPC-5Jone Saukitoga FPC-6Jone Saukitoga FPC-7Jone Saukitoga FPC-8Jone Saukitoga FPC-9Jone Saukitoga FPC-10

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