Created 15-Feb-16
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Haroon wanted to get photos of his pet tortoise named Hedgehog. I'm glad he reached out because we went above and beyond in creating a photo box and surrounding it with light. Now, as you can see, the focus is all on Mr. Hedgehog.
Hedgehog Naderi FPC-1Hedgehog Naderi FPC-2Hedgehog Naderi FPC-3Hedgehog Naderi FPC-4Hedgehog Naderi FPC-5Hedgehog Naderi FPC-6Hedgehog Naderi FPC-7Hedgehog Naderi FPC-8Hedgehog Naderi FPC-9Hedgehog Naderi FPC-10Hedgehog Naderi FPC-11Hedgehog Naderi FPC-12Hedgehog Naderi FPC-13Hedgehog Naderi FPC-14Hedgehog Naderi FPC-15Hedgehog Naderi FPC-16

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