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Cipi works as a financial advisor and wanted to update his professional headshot. We met in Fremont and the rest is history!
Cipi Jain FPC-1Cipi Jain FPC-2Cipi Jain FPC-3Cipi Jain FPC-4Cipi Jain FPC-5Cipi Jain FPC-6Cipi Jain FPC-7Cipi Jain FPC-8Cipi Jain FPC-9Cipi Jain FPC-10Cipi Jain FPC-11Cipi Jain FPC-12Cipi Jain FPC-13Cipi Jain FPC-14Cipi Jain FPC-15Cipi Jain FPC-16Cipi Jain FPC-17

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